Presentation Social Service Centre
The Social Services Centre and the Social Work Unit are the first attention level in the Social Services Public System as a result of any kind of social request or necessity. This first level is characterized by being directed to the whole population limited to a territory and also the nearness that enables the access to all citizens.

The Social Services Centre is the basic system management unit provided with material and financial resources and also with professionals from social sciences who make up a multidisciplinary staff directed to all citizens living in its territory of activity. In order to carry out with the proximity principles, the centres of social services will be able to organize their professional activity through Social Work Units which are part of the basic action level.


Carrying out preventative actions about risk situations and social need.

Being information centres, assessment, diagnosis and counselling to population, related to social rights and resources and also the social interventions that may correspond.

Enabling home help services and support to the convivial unit.

Enabling intervention plans directed to facilitate resources and mechanisms to integration and social involvement.

Enabling temporary accommodation plans mainly directed to transients.

Managing emergency social services.

Organizing and arranging actions in order to coordinate them with plans and actions dependent of the autonomous region.

Identifying social needs in its territory, giving the information enough to develop the planning.

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